Alpha Within Excerpt:

When they returned from the hunt, Dar ducked into his room to change and staggered at her smell. It was everywhere. The air was so thick with her cream he could practically taste it on his tongue. He went to the bed, crawled in, and rolled his face in the furs. He shuddered at the fresh bite of her woman's perfume.

With a hard-on so tight it hurt to stand upright, he went to his clothing trunk. His discarded clothes had been gathered and left on it, but he wanted fresh before he tracked her and questioned her about this blatant dare. Opening the lid, her smell again hit him. He shook his head, dazed. When he lifted out a pair of woolen pants, he buried his face in the crotch. She had worn these. Her cum was all over the inner seam. When he lifted out a shirt, the cuffs smelled of her too.

He dug deeper and took out the next set, but they were the same, as were the third set he came to. The scent was caught in his throat now, his cock throbbing. He grinned. The little black-haired, silver-eyed brat.

Staggering into the clothes, dreading how he had no time to fist himself off, he went to his comb in a niche on the wall. Her scent was all over that as well! One long, dark hair twined in the bone teeth.

His chest worked like a bellows as he pulled out his wooden practice weapons. He couldn't believe it when he lifted the lid off the barrel. If anything, her scent was even stronger. Was the shaft of the club's handle darker than the rest? Damp? He tore through his weapons, tossing them perilously about for the first time in his life. She had used nearly every one between her legs. The handle of his ax, the tip of his short staff, the grip of his bow - some of them still had drying tracks of cream on them.

He thought of her, spread out on his furs, his sword pumping from between her legs, or maybe she'd lain over the bow, humping it from above. Kneeling, dressed in his clothes, rocking the staff between her thighs like a seesaw. Fumbling with his pants, he got them open in time. He hunched over, grunting as his balls and ass squeezed once, twice, thrice. Long ropes of thick white cum lay gleaming on his rug as he gasped for breath. He closed his pants. Very carefully, he gathered the cum all up, trying to lift it rather than rub it in.

Moving down the hallway, he put his wet hand behind his back when he came to the lounge. Everyone sent up a shout when they saw him, relaxed, happy. He watched her listening intently to his father. Kess was a good man. He was the warrior who had taught him every skill he'd ever needed, and a strong supporter when Dar had gone away to research their stillbirths.

When his father saw him watching, he lifted his glass, smiling, but acknowledging with his eyes the difficult task he'd just finished. Dar nodded, then tilted his head at Luna. His father directed her to him. She smiled widely when she saw him, first in pleasure, then in satisfaction when she saw his tight face staring her down. She blew him a kiss.

He jerked his head and went out into the hall. In a few moments she came to him.

"My, my, what a polite way you have of-"

He slapped a hand over her mouth. A hand covered in his sticky semen. "Don't say a word."

Her eyes were huge as he wiped his hand down her chin, along the column of her neck, and swirled the last of the wetness all over her collarbone. Cupping his hand behind her head - Stone and deep Earth, he loved the feel of her neck in his hand - he drove his lips against hers, stormed her mouth with his tongue, nipped with his teeth. She'd think it was a kiss. He knew it was more.

"Dar?" Her voice was full of uncertainty as she gasped a breath.

"Not." Kiss. "A." Lick. "Word." Nip. And because that felt so good, another nip, harder, bringing a cry from her. Snowcat liked that too much, so he soothed her with a gentle suckle at the red mark in the center of her lower lip. Tasted himself.

He turned and pushed her ahead of him until they got to his room. His clothes and weapons were strewn everywhere, both trunk and barrel still open. "Lie down."

She stood dazed, looking confused at the crowded floor. He knelt over his sword, and pulled her down opposite him, claiming her mouth again as he maneuvered her, one-handed, onto her back. She ended up lying across his bow, his club at her shoulder, a quiver near her head.

He roughly loosened her pants, then put his damp palm on her stomach and began to rub. Skin like silk over muscle. She could use a little more softness. She writhed and cried out, grabbing his wrist, but he didn't stop. He massaged her from hipbone to rib, dipping a finger into her belly button in a swirl, purring all the while. When he'd rubbed until there was nothing left, he straddled her and kissed her gently. Stole the soft, feminine touch, pet her mouth with his lips as shivers raced through her. She had no idea he'd just claimed her. Every snowcat would know she was his personal territory.

"You are the sexiest thing I've ever known. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He nuzzled her ear, butted her chin. "Luna, your scent, I want it on me so badly. I want to wear it like you wear mine. Please, won't you do that for me?" He rode the edge of lying, manipulating her like this. She wouldn't know the promise such a scent meant. They'd all assume they were lovers. He bared his teeth. "Do it. You seem awfully eager to share that sweet cream with everything else in here."

She was panting, her eyes at half-mast from the sensual massage. "Now?"


She reached into her pants and he pulled back, stretching the waist so that he could see the back of her wrist as she delved and twisted.

"There isn't as much now." She held her hand up, glistening.

"It's enough." His voice was a rumble, his cock beating time with his heart. He held up his shirt, baring his stomach.

When her hand, her broad-fingered, short-nailed, capable, magical hand, reached out and touched his belly, his cock jumped. He grunted.

She began to stroke the lines of his muscles and he lifted his gaze to her face while she painted his abdomen. She was so beautiful. Her mouth had curves and dips, so plump and fascinatingly small. Seeing it stretched wide around his cock... His cock pulsed again, jerking his pants. Her brows and lashes were thick and dark, while her cheekbones had a charming scattering of freckles. Her neck and shoulders were strong, defined with cords of muscle. She'd lived on her own for so long, doing what she thought was right, what the Elements called her to do. She'd fled Cities, reinvented herself, laid intricate false trails with sightings and clues. But he'd hunted her, caught her, trapped her here. Brilliant and embattled, she'd be safe with him. He swore it. "Thank you, Luna."

She was intent on his stomach and he flexed it for her, glad his body called to her. Her breasts were like fresh, soft rolls, so white and full and ... bitable. He wanted everything she had. Her knowledge, her magic, her intelligence, her body. Her scent.

When it was just the softness of her fingertips skimming him and the moisture had dried, he clasped her hand in his, kissed each finger softly. "Luna."


"You're going to drive me insane. Cats are very territorial. You dared to mark an Alpha's room. You'll need a lesson-"

Her eyes almost disappeared into their crinkles of amusement. "Are you going to pretend that wasn't a challenge? Careful, Snowcat. There's a difference between patience and weakness."

He met her eyes, and Snowcat purred. What was he going to do? "You think you're ready for the consequences of a challenge?" Her scent was so strong, swirling around him, gliding down his throat. His fangs ached.

His prisoner tilted her stubborn pointy chin. "Yeah."

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