Beast Within Excerpt:

After the men spoke a few words softly, Vyur moved to the far wall and began stretching. Kel strode to her with a walk so confident it could only be called a swagger. He grinned widely.

Freezha was already familiar with his easy humor, and enjoyed it. "It's no surprise you find this crazy request of mine amusing."

"So the word is compromise, eh?" He bent to the wrist she offered, the greeting of a woman to a Trux.

She jumped when he licked her with his whispery lizzeed tongue. That was not part of the proper greeting. She knew from the few kisses she'd gotten out of Vyur that lizzeed tongues were smoother and drier than a human's. Kel's flickered so fast it tickled while his hand held her wrist.

"It seemed the right word at the time. But now that I see what is involved in calling up his beastspirit, I believe Vyur is indulging me more than compromising."

"Compromising is a good word too. I hear we get to play at it tonight."

She laughed, but it lacked her usual joy. She tugged on her hand and he did not let go. He reeled her in with it, pulling her into a hug. She stiffened, his taller, leaner body feeling so different from the already familiar comfort of Vyur's. Her skin actually crawled, something she never imagined would happen when she was in the arms of a handsome, scantily clad, charming man.

"Hello beautiful. You cannot know how fascinating I find all this. That a little slip like you could get Vyur to do something so incredibly stupid." He bent to nuzzle into the hair behind her ear and inhaled greedily. "Elements! You do smell delicious. I knew you would. How a vision like you ended up matched to a grunting brute like Vyur is beyond me. Ah well, it will be my fortune to serve as your mateshield. I knew I put up with his bumbling all these years for a reason."

She gave a nervous giggle at his light chatter. "Kel! Give me a minute! And I have not agreed you'll be my mateshield. I think I get a say."

He ran his hot hands all over her, gently but thoroughly feeling down her arms, sweeping her back, rounding her shoulders and her derriere. He hummed. His hands came around and swept up toward her breasts. She gasped and twisted, slapping at his hands.

"Oh, you'll agree."

He spun her around so that she was facing Vyur, who had stopped his pretense of stretching and stood, quivering, riveted on them. Kel wrapped his arms around her ribs, pressing his front close to her back. His hands pet her tummy, trying to weasel into the fold of her robe. He rolled his hips against her and she felt his hard, lifted cock nestle in her rump.

She shifted. "I don't like this. You shouldn't be-"

His quiet growl stilled her. His voice lowered when he swung his head to her other side and whispered darkly in her ear. "Do you know why I know you'll agree to use me during your heat? Because I already know you like a man of power. And outside Sto, that's me."

His quick hands stole into her robe when she was distracted by his words, and by the sight of Vyur's fingers growing too long for his hands. He parted the silk beneath her belt to reveal her shaved mound, his fingers brushing the skin with a whisper's pressure. She gasped, jerking at the forbidden touch.

"You like your men to take charge. Vyur's confidence makes you hot. You like it when you know you can let go, and he's strong enough to catch you. You've got dreams in your eyes when you look at him, little one, and I bet you've dreamed of lots and lots of naughty things." His fingers had burrowed into the top of her bare slit, finding a hidden trove of slickness.

She protested breathlessly. "He said flirting. Kel." But her hips pumped against his soft touch.

Across the room, Vyur was hunching forward, his chest growing deeper, his neck thickening. Freezha froze, caught between the fascination of the two men.

"Are you still saying I shouldn't touch you? Shouldn't push you and him so that you can see the battleform you're so curious about?" He lifted his hand, tapped her on the nose.

"I want to..." She sounded weak. Vyur's beautiful body was becoming other.

"Decccide." His lizzeed tongue hung, as they seemed to, on the sibilant sound.

"Touch me," she breathed, not really wanting him, but determined to finish what she'd started.

Vyur moaned. It sounded like he wanted to continue, too, despite how his slow transformation seemed painful.

"During your heat, I'm gonna go up your ass first, Freezha." Kel took one hand from her mound to gather her hair, twining it until he pulled her head to the side. His tongue flicked out and licked her neck, once, twice, thrice.

She shuddered as Vyur's mouth erupted. She couldn't believe the way it just grew too big for his face, bristling with serrated teeth that pushed out of his lips. A trickle of blood ran down his chin.

"All of me is gonna go up your ass because it is the roundest, finest, softest, most perfect ass I've ever seen. My fingers first, then..." he flattened his lower hand across her belly, "my big, thick, hard dick." He rubbed himself across her ass with every word.

Despite herself, the image he conjured flooded through her body, bringing a flush up her neck, and sudden wetness between her tightly clamped thighs.

Now it was Kel's turn to still. His hand untangled from her hair to fall to her rump, his spread fingers encompassing one cheek, squeezing gently.

His voice softer, he said, "Oh sweetling. I'm so glad you're not scared. That's it, Freezha. Imagine him watching us from the edge of the bed. His cock will be limp because you've fucked him raw. But mine will be fresh and strong. He'll tell me what I can touch, you'll tell me where to lick, how hard, how fast. It will be so good. We won't let you hurt. You're so beautiful, and he already loves you so much. It will be so special to help you."

She was panting now. If that was how it was going to be, maybe this Clan wasn't so crazy after all. Maybe Lizzeed women were the lucky ones.

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