Honor Within Excerpt:

He stood and began to strip. By the time she was picking her way over the rocks, he launched himself off the lip of shale, curled into a tight ball, and landed with a sting of refreshing cool in a splash. He heard her shriek even underwater. When he broke the surface, the rumble of the waterfall was loud, and her outstretched body gleamed like a precious carving above him.

"Aiyeeee!" She landed right beside him, sending an impressive wall of water in all directions.

She coughed, spluttering, when she righted herself, treading water.

He stroked closer, instantly. "Got your breath?"

She nodded, blinking, laughing. "You got me, but I got you worse."

His blood sang. Her eyes looked his way blindly. He knew she couldn't see him much at all, and knew she didn't know just how clearly he saw her. But her happy acceptance of him settled his cat, for a blissful moment. Then she dove in a glimpse of a taut ass, and his cat heaved hard in his brain, claws aching inside his fingertips.

He felt a hard hand close around his ankle and he was genuinely shocked at her strength when she jerked him under. He rolled and grabbed, but she was already slipping away. He surfaced, breathing hard. Not from his sudden dunking, but from the will it took not to follow. If she realized what she dared by teasing him into chasing her... He couldn't. He simply couldn't risk chasing her, wrestling with her, no matter how innocently. It wouldn't be innocent on his end.

He circled, but didn't see her. Moving to the side so he could stand and focus, he swept the water with his cat-enhanced eyes. He circled again, but still she didn't surface. He inhaled, and only scented her clothes to the side. "Nomi!"

Her giggle was almost hidden by the waterfall. He jerked toward the gap behind the falls. In three strokes, he'd joined her in the tiny cave. It was cooler than the humid air of the summer night behind its curtain of water.

"That wasn't nice. You could have gotten a cramp. I was worried."


Her voice was patently unapologetic. He opened his mouth, but his thought left his head when she boosted herself up onto the shale shelf. Her breasts bobbed, heavy and full. The nipples were puckered tightly, darker than her chest. Her belly rippled as she lifted her arms and pushed her hair back, ringing it out.

"I adore it back here. It's so... secret." She tipped her head back, exposing her throat. The submissive pose sent his cat hurtling against his ribs. His dick rose, steady and constant, until it was rigid, the cool water on the sensitive flesh agonizing. He closed his eyes, blotting out the image. With one arm hooked on the ledge near her leg, he let himself drift in the water as he focused on keeping his hands to himself. The shale was sharp, but slippery. He ground his wrist into the loose chips on the edge, welcoming the focusing bite.

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Bitten by Books (Nicole) 5 Tombstones

"The imperfect world, and hardships, that Burke and Nomi live in pull the reader into the tale. The fight for their love and mutual desires are heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time. ...The sensuality and open sexuality are artfully done, and breathtakingly erotic."

Just Erotic Romance Reviews (Elizabeth Charles) Rating: 5

"Honor Within was a beautifully crafted and written story. I really loved the descriptions and the pacing of the book. ... The journey from strangers to friendship to attraction was slow and didn't feel forced. ... I think this is the best of her Bonded series."

Whipped Cream Reviews (Tiger Lily) 4.5 cherries

"I like dominant characters. I really like dominant women who know what they want and aren't afraid to take it... Mima's writing is peppered with rich details that made the reader feel like he or she is truly there with the characters, experiencing what they go through. If you want a fantastic story with sexually charged scenes and animated characters, then Honor Within is the novella for you."