Wild Within Excerpt:

"Throat." The Owl Alpha hissed the demand. Rylan immediately rolled to his knees and bent his head back. Grif folded, took Rylan's voicebox in his jaws, clamped down and gave his head a shake.

Rylan's head jiggled limply and after a further minute, the Alpha released him and stood, leaving the clear red imprint of his teeth, but no blood. "You are not in the human Dark, to go your own way now. You will follow our ways. Never attack a brother Trux. That you did so when you have what you wanted disgusts me. Go to the wall, and you will stay there until after everyone has walked out of this room. If you move from it, I will demand balance from you and submission before the Clan. Do you recognize this order?"

Rylan's eyes flew to KarRa's and she saw despair. Still panting from the brief clash, she stretched her neck. Ignored the beat of pleasure his worry gave her.

{Yes} he gestured. Smoothly rising to his feet without using his hands he went to the far wall. He shone against it like a golden flame, strong and proud.

KarRa noted there were bloody scratches on his arms and quickly turned to scan Merk. The wolf had scratches as well, deeper.

Grif asked him, "Would you like to go heal?"

Merk shook his head disdainfully, wiping at the blood and smearing it thinly down his arms. "I'm fine." Turning to KarRa, he said, "You are well?"

KarRa had just one scratch, and perhaps a bruised shoulder. She nodded, took a steadying breath. Irritation flared at the memory of him sharing her most private hurts with the Council, but then a sense of wonder rose. "What you said to Rylan... You would have been one of my choices? You're a spirit match?"

Merk rounded his shoulders. {Apology} "Words without meaning, KarRa. You are a soulmate." He flicked a glance at Rylan, who crossed his arms.

Merk walked up to her, his dark gaze so different than Rylan's. "All is not final, KarRa. Tomorrow night, you declare your choice. Even though you have only one mate choice due to the soulmatch, you can still choose to refuse him. It would result in your leaving Vladaya, and returning to the Seven Cities, although we certainly wouldn't dump you back into the fringe of Fourth City. If you cannot join with Rylan with a clear spirit, we-I-will make sure you are able to start a new, better life in a City."

KarRa stared at Merk for several heartbeats. A new life? Not with Rylan? Dazed, her eyes traveled to Grif. The Owl's Alpha scowled at her. She moved her eyes to Rylan, rigid against the stone a few paces away.

Rylan took a deep breath. "KarRa, I love you."

It was impossible to prevent the small twitch of her lips at the burst of happiness those words always, always caused inside her, even as gut-sharp as she was toward him now.

"Nothing would bring me greater pleasure than to have you by my side, and in my bed, from this night on. I recognized that wish the morning I lay with you after Grif's visit. I have always wanted it in my heart, but never dared to allow myself to think it.

"When I knew I could now come to you as a mate and not just a friend, I wanted to give you time. I wanted to prove myself as a Trux warrior to you. I've been moving so slowly, being so patient. Yet here we are, and I can tell you are surprised. KarRa, I know you want me. All you have to do is come to me and I am yours. We are KarRylan."

Her breath caught in an audible sob at this last.

He finished softly, "We belong together. You have always known this and fought to make me see it. Finally, I am in a place where I am ready to accept it without fear. I am sorry you had to wait." He looked over at Merk, annoyed. "I am sorry you are in this position because of my choices."

She heard the implied bitterness at having to argue his right to be with her.

His gaze poured over her features with desperation. "KarRa, you can't really consider leaving. Please, won't you stop this?"

KarRa carefully moved in between Merk and Grif. Turning back to Rylan she whispered, "I think... I need to hear the spirit paths that are opening before me. You cannot bear it that I consider another future?" Rylan's face tightened but she continued.

"Rylan, I have lived with you going from lover to lover for years. And I could have lived with it for the rest of my life. It might hurt, but you can survive it. If I so choose, you will live with me leaving. You trained me well, Ry. You trained me to exist without you, and now I want to think about where that existence might take me.

"You were all I had. No one but you can understand that."

Rylan's lips peeled from his teeth in a silent snarl.

"You left. No one but you can understand that."

He clenched his fists.

The shudder that shook her body was audible as she sucked in a breath, dizzy at giving her rage voice. "You made me strong enough to fight my way out of anything. I'm just not sure I'm strong enough to trust you again."

Even as she felt Rylan reeling in pain from her words, KarRa acknowledged the flash of satisfaction, of righteousness that swirled through her. Rylan wanted to fuck her? Rylan wanted her to be the mother of his children now that they were in a safe world? Rylan wanted her instant and adoring acceptance? I think not.

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